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Russell Mulliner
Managing Director

Russell established Marches Biogas in 2009 and has since led the company to build over 30 anaerobic digestion plants, most of which remain supported by Principle Biogas or Evolution Biogas along with a number of non-Marches Biogas facilities.  Previously Russell was a director of Greenfinch Ltd where he was fundamental in a number of research projects in collaboration with the University of Southampton which led the UK’s first ABP compliant anaerobic digester.  Russell was key to the design and operation of the plant and has since designed and built a number of plants dedicated to animal by products.  Russell has also worked with Water Authorities since 1996, helping them to maintain and increase the outputs from their anaerobic digestion assets. 

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Lucy Lewis
Projects Coordinator and Training Manager

Lucy has over 13 years of experience within the AD since starting out at Greenfinch Ltd in 2004. Lucy led Greenfinch in several EU R&D projects which assessed the viability of different energy crops for anaerobic digestion and the enhancement of food waste digestion. Since then Lucy has also been involved in the operation of the UKs first ABP anaerobic digestion facility, together with sales and marketing work.  At Principle Biogas she is responsible for co-ordinating projects & the commissioning of facilities, together with the development of Principle Biogas’ training program. 

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Steve Bushby
Design Engineer

Steve has been a design engineer with Marches Biogas since 2013 and has been instrumental in the Marches Biogas plant design.  Prior to this Steve was a designer at Biogen Greenfinch and prior to that at Greenfinch where he started in 2007. There he focused on the design of anaerobic digestion facilities for food waste. 

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Tom Goodwin
Process Engineer

Having previously specialised in Food Waste Digestion with Biogen, Tom joined the Principle Biogas team in spring 2017. His particular areas of expertise are handling and processing difficult feedstocks, as well as operator based design practices. Tom brings a well versed knowledge of Dangerous Substances And Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) and HAZOP (Hazard & Operability study) to the table.
His background is in Systems Engineering and has also studied Water & Environmental Management, which is useful for managing the interface between a digester and its environment in terms of liquid as well as gas (including odour) releases.

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Sean Milward
Project Engineer

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Justin Whittall
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Justin is a skilled mechanical engineer who has worked within the anaerobic digestion industry for over 20 years. Justin is a skilled fabricator and site manager who also leads a team of fitters who operate in a safe and efficient manner producing high quality workmanship. Justin is fully qualified to enter confined spaces and to operate breathing apparatus allowing him to carry our skilled works.

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Jimmy Ellis
Senior Maintenance Engineer

Jimmy has worked within anaerobic digestion for over 30 years servicing and repairing AD plant components. Jimmy is a multi-skilled mechanical engineer and specialises in boiler and surplus gas burners.

Jimmy is fully qualified to enter confined spaces as well as to operate with breathing apparatus, which allows him to carry our gas holder and pressure relief inspections as well as repairs.

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Jamie Gascoigne
Process Control Designer and commissioning engineer

Jamie joined Marches Biogas in 2010 and to date he has commissioned 14 anaerobic digestion projects ranging from 10kWe to 1.5MWe. Prior to this he began his career within the anaerobic digestion industry in 2004 when he became a commissioning engineer for Greenfinch Ltd, prior to becoming commissioning manager for Biogen Greenfinch Ltd in 2008. Jamie continues to be the lead commissioning engineer within Principle Biogas and is responsible for process control and HMI design.

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Emily Peverell
office Manager


Emily is the Office Manager for Principle Biogas. She joined the team in 2018 and is responsible for GDPR adherance, health and safety as well as marketing for the company.


Lisa Hughes
Head of Finance

Lisa joined the team in 2014 as an Accounts / Administration Assistant and since then has become our Head of Finance Team. Alongside running the department, she will be working with the Financial Controller to produce Management Accounts and developing new systems. Lisa is currently working towards her AAT certification to advance her qualifications and knowledge within her role.

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Anita Matuszewska
Finance Assistant

Anita has recently joined the team and is on the end of the phone ready to deal with any queries.

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Yasmin Davies
Financial Controller

Yasmin joined the team in 2018. With 15 years in accounting, she will be working closely with the directors and the finance team to maintain financial controls, develop new systems and enhance the production of information that supports commercial decisions.